Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Can I really do it all??

Sometimes I wonder how im going to do everything! Its like putting a puzzle together.. Thank God I have Stitch Fix to dress me, someone super awesome that cleans my house every other week and my sweet husband that does daddy duty at night :) 

Most days go like this..

Wake up at 7am (alarm set for 6:30am, lets face it, not getting up then!)
Kids up and ready for school
Get myself ready for work
Leave house by 7:50am
Flying up to the girls school by 8:28am and PRAYING the sign "Oops, your child is late for school, please walk them in to receive a stinkin, silly, stupid tardy slip" is not out!
Take Brady to school by 8:45am
Drive to work..
Pull into my favorite parking garage where the sweet little old lady in front of my slams on her break every other second.. Find a parking spot 27 minutes later
FINALLY get into work around 9:20am.. I love working so its rainbows and sunshine when im there..
Leave by 12:30pm (yes, I only work 3 hours in the mornings)
Drive to pick Brady up by 1pm
Find something to do for 2 hours until the girls get out of school. I live way too far to drive all the way home! That usually consist of going to Starbucks, Sweet Frogs and the park..
Pick up my lovely daughters at 3pm
Drive home
Get home and breathe for a moment
Figure out what to feed the fam for dinner..
THEN.. Back to work! I teach classes at night, so im usually at the hospital until 10pm'ish..
Drive home
Make lunches and get clothes for the kids laid out for the next day

Then.. Oh crap, I didnt check the kids backpack, back up and check them.. then, back to bed.

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