Friday, February 27, 2015

Stitch Fix #3!!

Wow! This time, they hit the nail on the head! I love everything! I haven't decided yet what to keep and what to send back... It's a difficult decision! They finally sent me items that I wouldn't normally pick out for myself and told me what items to put with each item. Here are the items they sent me... Make sure you sign up for your Stitch Fix

I love everything, except the jacket. It was really weird on! If you haven't tried Stitch Fix yet, I highly recommend you try it!! If you have any questions about, just ask me! Xoxo, J

Friday, February 6, 2015

Stitch Fix box #2!!

Its like Christmas morning all over again with I see this box at my front door!! I get so excited and I cant think about anything else! Haha :) I cant get to my room fast enough to rip open the box! This month I had a different stylist and I wasn't sure what to expect.. I also uploaded my Pinterest style board into my Stitch Fix profile hoping to get stuff resembling it! You can see my board here.  Well, nothing in my box matched my Pinterest board, but that's okay! Here is my review on the items I received.. Start your Stitch Fix today!! What are you waiting for??

En Creme Odelle Tie-Neck Graphic Print Top $28
Not a fan.. Roy said it looks like a pirate shirt! Haha! Sending back..

Papermoon Talulah Plaid Print Henley Top $44
I just wish this top was a little longer!! Sending back..
Loveappella Saxby Scoop Neck Top $54
LOVE this top!! But not for $54!! After working for Gap for 6 years, I could never pay that much for a tshirt! I'm used to paying under $20 for a basic striped tshirt!
Bay to Baubles Dax Arrow Bangle $28
LOVE!! Keeping :) And it matches my necklace from last month!
Just Black Riley Distressed Boyfriend Jean $58
Now, these jeans, I like these jeans, but the size is VERY mismarked!! They are about 2 sizes too small!! BUT, I may keep these and make them my GOAL jeans! You know, the jeans you look at everyday to motivate yourself to get into them?? Still deciding..

So, I didn't love everything, but I possibly got a few new things for my closet! I still highly recommend you trying Stitch Fix and see for yourself!!

My mom ordered a box last week and is keep EVERYTHING!!! My mom is the pickiest shopper EVER!! I have shopped for her for years and usually everything goes back to the store.. So I was very excited for her to try this and im so proud of her that she is keeping her whole box!! I'm not sure if I have said this before, but if you keep all 5 pieces, you get 25% off your whole box!! She received 2 shirts, 1 pant, 1 infinity scarf (that I I will be borrowing!!) and chandelier earrings and with her discount and the $20 she paid to get the box,  her final total was $139! That is an awesome price for 5 high quality items!! 

Xoxo, J

Friday, January 30, 2015

Yum.. Nutella Rolls!

I love trying out new recipes!! Some work out and some don't.. But, this recipe worked out!! I will admit it, I love cinnamon rolls! But let's face it, the caloric intake on those things are deadly!!! I found this recipe on Pinterest and figured I would figure out the calories in one... These puppies only have 83 calories in 1 roll!! So you don't have to feel guilty when you eat 2 (or 3!!) They are sooo easy to make!

You will need a roll of crescent rolls, Nutella and cinnamon. Most people have all of these Ingredients in their pantry! 
You will also need a muffin pan and a spreader 
Step one: roll out the dough and press all the seams together
Step two: spread out 2 tablespoons of Nutella
Step three: sprinkle some cinnamon on the Nutella
Step four: starting at the bottom, roll dough up into a roll.
Step five: spray your muffin pan with nonstick spray
Step six: slice dough into 12 pieces
Step seven: place slices face side up and bake at 350 for 14 minutes

Oh yeah! These are sooo good and so easy to make!!! They would be so good with coffee :) try them out and let me know what you think...

1 roll of crescent rolls
2 tbsp Nutella
2 tsp cinnamon

Bake at 350 for 14 minutes 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Can I really do it all??

Sometimes I wonder how im going to do everything! Its like putting a puzzle together.. Thank God I have Stitch Fix to dress me, someone super awesome that cleans my house every other week and my sweet husband that does daddy duty at night :) 

Most days go like this..

Wake up at 7am (alarm set for 6:30am, lets face it, not getting up then!)
Kids up and ready for school
Get myself ready for work
Leave house by 7:50am
Flying up to the girls school by 8:28am and PRAYING the sign "Oops, your child is late for school, please walk them in to receive a stinkin, silly, stupid tardy slip" is not out!
Take Brady to school by 8:45am
Drive to work..
Pull into my favorite parking garage where the sweet little old lady in front of my slams on her break every other second.. Find a parking spot 27 minutes later
FINALLY get into work around 9:20am.. I love working so its rainbows and sunshine when im there..
Leave by 12:30pm (yes, I only work 3 hours in the mornings)
Drive to pick Brady up by 1pm
Find something to do for 2 hours until the girls get out of school. I live way too far to drive all the way home! That usually consist of going to Starbucks, Sweet Frogs and the park..
Pick up my lovely daughters at 3pm
Drive home
Get home and breathe for a moment
Figure out what to feed the fam for dinner..
THEN.. Back to work! I teach classes at night, so im usually at the hospital until 10pm'ish..
Drive home
Make lunches and get clothes for the kids laid out for the next day

Then.. Oh crap, I didnt check the kids backpack, back up and check them.. then, back to bed.

Monday, January 26, 2015


I am SO excited to share this with you all! Stitch Fix is a company that has stylist that personally picks out clothing items that fits your style and ships them directly to your door! You fill out a very detailed questionnaire about your style and a Stitch Fix stylist will pick out 5 items that fits your personal style and ship them to you. If you love the items, you can pay for what you keep and what you don't like, you can send them back in the prepaid envelope they send you. The cost is $20 to receive a box and you can apply that $20 towards items you decide to keep..  Go here to sign up Stitch Fix. This is perfect for anyone who doesn't have time to shop, doesn't like to shop or just wants to try something new!

I received my FIRST box today and this is what it included..

All I have to say is WOW, my stylist nailed it! It was like she knew me personally! 

It felt like Christmas morning opening the box! I didnt know what to expect.. 

Liverpool Shania Stitched Detail Jeans.. $78.
Super cute on and fit me perfect! But since I just bought a pair of dark denim, they will be going back.
Milo Knit Top.. $48
Fits really well, but not a fan of the print. Going back..
This is my FAVORITE!!! 
This Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan is so soft and fits so well!! 
$68.. keeping!

Lukas Paisley Print Blouse $28.... LOVE it! Keeping!

Ramona Arrow Pendant Necklace- $28 

LOVE! I'm a sucker for a long gold necklace! Keeping!

This is my favorite part about everything.. Gives you details on how to wear everything and how to pair the items with what you might already have.
Its the little details that get me.. My personal stylist, Amanda, tells me how to wear the items!

I HIGHLY recommend you try Stitch Fix! Its only $20 to start and you can apply it to anything you decide to keep :) Get your Fix!

Am I really a blogger??

Wow, like I need something else to do in my busy life! Well here goes nothing... I will be sharing all sorts of fun and much needed info to the world. Some may be useful to you and some may not.

As I sat in church last night with my lovely sister waiting for the AMAZING Christine Caine to preach, we started talking about life and things that we wanted and NEEDED to do.. So we made a pact to each other to do something. Mine was to write a blog and hers was to reach out to a wonderful mentor.

A little about me..
 I am a Perinatal Health Instructor, CLC, Certified Lactation Counselor and a Safe Sitter Instructor ;) I believe in all natural parenting, attachment parenting and holistic approaches to life..

I am a mother to three kids, 9yr, 7yr and 5yr and have been married for almost 10 years! 

 I love to cook and try out new recipes, which I will share here, the good, the bad and the ugly..

My one guilty pleasure is traveling and my favorite place to visit is Los Angeles! I have been more times than I have fingers and toes! I'm heading back out there in April.. Whoop! 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to coupon.. You will never see me at a restaurant or store with them!

One of my favorite hobbies is going to concerts! I try to add a concert a year to my list... In 2014 I saw Cher and One Direction! I wonder who I will see in 2015?!?!

I also love to entertain! If there is a holiday, there will be a party! Life is to short not to celebrate holidays with friends and family!

Stayed tuned...