Hot Shopping Deals!!

This is a new page for all the shopping deals!! I will post all my shopping deals and would love to post yours!! If you have a great shopping experience, take a picture of all your finds along with the receipt and email it to me at It will be fun to see everyones savings and great deals :)

This was my Thursday night trip to Publix.. They finally opened a new Publix by my house, so I went to the grand opening!!

I purchased:

Toilet paper
Box of straws
2 boxes of cereal
3 kids toothbrushes
2 Oral B adult toothbrushes
Hefty trashbags
Taxpax tampons
8 Glade candles
Huggies wipes
Cottonelle wipes
Candy Bar
Bouquet of flowers
Bath sponge

Before sales and coupons $83.14
after sales and coupons $23.35!!!!

I used the following coupons

bogo Oral B toothbrush
Free Cottonelle wipes (posted this deal a while back)
Free Advil (posted this deal a while back)
Free Huggies wipes (from Huggies reward points inside all Huggies products)
$1.50 off 2 Glade candles
2 $1.00 off 1 box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (they were bogo this week, paid $1.91 for 2 boxes)
4 bogo Glade candles (took $8 off)
$2 off 2 Glade candles
$2 off Tampax tampons
Free bouquet of flowers (Grand Opening Promo)
$5 off of $30 purchase (Grand Opening Promo)

I also had a $5 gift card from a Publix and Kellogs Promo a couple months ago..

Its amazing what coupons and sales will do!!